Let's get this party started.

Hi!  My name is James Ratchford, and I'm stunned by what has become of our once great Republic.  

I attempted to begin this project nearly eight years ago when I saw the harm that incredible partisanship was doing to our system of government.  Since then, things have only gotten worse, and unfortunately life got in the way of my managing this project.  But the time has never been more right.  

I drafted the pages on this site years ago, but the premise hasn't changed.  Our two-party system is still easily hijacked into essentially single-party control - and we just entered a new phase of that with the 2016 election giving control of all three branches of the Federal Government to the Republican Party.  The next two years are probably going to be pretty ugly in a lot of ways.  But the silver lining of this upcoming congressional dysfunction is that we will be more ready than ever before to elect a multi-party (I call it polypartisan) congress.  

I'm going to need a lot of help.  Right now I'm looking for people to help with every aspect of the project, including research to match parties to districts, graphics and technical work on the web site and campaign materials, phone calls to party brass, and more tasks yet to be discussed.  

This is going to be about kicking ass and taking names... and for now we're going to have to start with taking names.  

Right now this is just my solitary project, but I really want that to change quickly.  Contact me directly at jayratch@gmail.com to get involved.  We're going to accomplish something great together.