Polypartisan.org represents a new movement to restore representative government in America.

We believe that the two-party system in the United States’ political system is inherently harmful to the Republic. This is because a two party system so frequently devolves into a one-party system, in the hands of whichever party holds the majority or office. This is the case for each house of congress and the Presidency. This concentrates power, and leads to poor political decisions. For example, in the present congress, the Republican majority has nearly absolute control over what legislative ideas may come to pass. This means that sensible ideas, that may appeal to a broad cross-section of Americans but don’t appeal to the single group in power, may go nowhere. It also means that very partisan ideas, which only benefit a small faction of society, can be pushed through by the majority party.

(For a more classic explanation of this problem, check out Madison’s Federalist No. 10.)

The solution to this problem, in short, is to break the majority, by eliminating the majority. If we can reshape congress in such a way that no individual party will have 51%, then the tyranny of the majority will become impossible. The way to make this here is by getting more than two parties represented in Congress. Ideally, there should be many parties, because after all, We the People have many perspectives, and should have many voices.  

That begs the question, how do we get there? The answer is simpler than you might imagine. In short, we network with candidates from “third” political parties who represent additional and different perspectives; we help them choose appropriate districts to run candidates in; and we use modern technology such as cell phones and the internet to focus resources from across the country on that district.  

On this site, you can learn about these basic ideas:


  • How the bipartisan system is inherently broken, and why we need to fix it
  • What the alternative would look like
  • How to get there.

Be warned, there is some math involved. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do the math or even follow along, unless you need to know that part of the process.  

The bottom line is that with your help, we can create real change by reshaping the congressional landscape.